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    Zenith Watches

    Since its founding in 1865, Zenith Watches have been a partner in supporting people across the world. Beginning with pocket watches, this brand has grown into an award-winning watchmaking company. As the translation of the Zenith name suggests, this company is constantly reaching new heights towards innovation and excellence.


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    Zenith has been a reliable timekeeper in historical flights, space expeditions, and more. In 1909, the watch was support to Louis Blériot as he was the first to cross the English Channel. More recently in 2012, the El Primero watch leapt with the first man from space as he broke the sound barrier. From the point of the jump just above the stratosphere, to safely landing in the New Mexican desert, the watch remained working in top condition – even with the extreme changes to temperature, pressure, and altitude. This watch also has a lasting history in supporting people in their day to day activities. Among these individuals is Gandhi, who was gifted a Zenith watch by the prime minister of India in the early 1900s. He relied on the Zenith watch for its alarm capabilities to remind him of his daily spiritual routines and activities. 


    Zenith watches are created with ultimate care. The company seeks to preserve its past while also being forward-thinking in their trade. As an example, before the icon watch, El Primero, is made perfect for you it takes about 9 months and moves through hundreds of hands to ensure the highest quality. Proudly producing over 600 movement variations for their watches, Zenith has become an industry leader in precision and overall craft. 



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    • Pilot

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