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    Hamilton Watches

    Known for their “American Spirit, Swiss Precision”; the Hamilton Watch Company has several unique collections that will be perfect for you or someone special. With its American roots, the company began in Pennsylvania in 1892. This shop would spend over 100 years in this location before moving to Switzerland. This brand is known for being both an industry leader and a supportive partner with other organizations. 


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    The impact of this company is widespread. Hamilton produced the world's first electrical watch in 1957, which helped play a part in shaping the industry as a whole. The watch company also has a special connection to the railroad business. In its early years, Hamilton developed more accurate watches to help to prevent accidents on the railroad. From land to air, these watches have also been a support to the US Air Mail Service to keep deliveries on schedule. 


    More recently, this company has partnered with the Savannah College of Art and Design. They were a client to students at the university who were tasked with making a short-branded film to highlight Hamilton's heritage.


     Their efforts to support the creative minds behind films is fitting with its history. This watch brand has appeared in over 500 movies and hosts the annual Behind the Camera Awards to honor talented film makers.


    Whether you are looking for a rugged and durable watch or a modern design, Hamilton provides watches for everyone. Its collection includes watches built for pilots, underwater adventures, contemporary styles, and more. 


    Watch Collections: 

    • Khaki Aviation 
    • Khaki Field
    • Ventura 
    • Jazzmaster 
    • American Classic 
    • Khaki Navy
    • Broadway 


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