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Dear valued clients: 

Coronavirus has the country on lockdown, but there are ways to still conduct business. As long as FedEx, UPS and the Post Office are still delivering we can conduct transactions. If you have a need to sell some valuables to make ends meet during these uncertain times, we are here to help. 

If you have not done business with us before, please check our feedback on Ebay, Google and others. We have an outstanding reputation with a local storefront in St. Charles, MO.  You may contact me personally on my cell phone at 314-313-5804. I am receiving many calls so please leave a message if I don't answer, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Store policy until further notice:

To our local clients: We have implemented a locked door policy, and no one can enter our place of business. If you have to sell today or any day in the near future, please call us at 314-313-5804. We will work with you to take care of your needs.

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Mail in Clients: If you need funds, you may mail in your jewelry or coins. In addition to mailing you a check, we are offering PayPal payments and wire funds. For substantial shipments we can email you a label with our insurance. 

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Thank You for your consideration,
Brian Hill, Owner Used Jewelry Buyer LLC

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122 North Main Street

Saint Charles, MO 63301

Office: 636-896-4117 Mobile: 314-313-5804


Monday thru Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Our office is located at 122 North Main Street in Historic Saint Charles next to Tony's on Main Street Restaurant & Bar

Private home or office visits available by appointment.

Platinum, Silver &
Gold Calculator

Use our Platinum, Silver & Gold Calculator to easily calculate an approximate value for your scrap jewelry items based on today's current market prices. With this tool you can calculate your platinum, silver and gold price per gram, tory ounce or pennyweight.

Today's Buying Prices

  • 10k gold $31.50 per pennyweight
  • 14k gold $44.00 per pennyweight
  • 18k gold $56.00 per pennyweight
  • Platinum $33.00 per pennyweight
  • Gold Bullion Coin/Bars 98% of Spot
  • US Gold Eagle 100% of Spot
  • Uncirculated US Silver Eagles $2.00 over spot
  • Silver Bullion Coins/Bars 100% of Spot
  • 925 Jewelry $17.50 OZT
  • 925 Flatware $20.50 OZT
  • 90% U.S. Silver Coins Paying $19.00 x Face Value
  • Morgan Silver Dollars $19.00 to $23.00
  • Peace Dollars $19.00 to $21.00
  • Silver Plated Items $1.00 per pound
  • Gold Filled Items $24.00 OZT

Trust A Local Expert

Meet St. Charles Buyer Brian Hill.

Brian has over 30 years experience in the jewelry industry. His extensive knowledge about antique, period, estate and mod ern jewelry you can be sure you’ll receive the highest price on your unwanted valuables.

Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com
Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com
  • I found my experience with Mr. Hill very pleasant his store is charming inside and out in a nice part of town.

    - Arleather Berry

  • I was greater warmly over the phone and in person. Mr. Hill promptly responded to my text and any of my questions before I arrived saving me time and gas. :)

    - Lisa

  • It was a real pleasure doing business with these guys. I was happily surprised by the cash I got for my old, broken jewelry.

    - Mary Schmidt Diller