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    If you're in the area, we encourage you to bring your piece(s) into our store for an evaluation, and we will make you an offer of the spot! If you accept our offer, you will receive payment while you are at the store.

    At Used Jewelry Buyer, we want to help you turn your unwanted valuables into cash. Unlike other gold and silver buyers, Used Jewelry Buyer LLC also buys fine jewelry. For more information on the types of items we will accept, please visit the "What We Buy" page.


    Visit Our Store

    We know a common theme in resell markets is that you will have to deal with 'arrogant know-it-alls'. At Used Jewelry Buyer, that is not the case! When you come to visit our store, we strive to provide a casual, friendly atmosphere with knowledgeable, friendly staff who are ready to help you. 

    It is always better to see your items in person! That is why if you are in the area, we encourage to bring your piece(s) into our store for an evaluation. We will make you an offer on the spot. If you accept our offer, we will pay you while you are at the store. 

    We buy from all types: private clients, jewelry stores, pawn shops, coin shops, antique stores, gold buyers, estate sale companies, collectors, probate courts, pickers, small traders, and more! 

    Give us a call today 314-974-6699, contact us online, or just come visit us in St. Charles! 

    All submissions, calls, or texts will be answered within one business day.



    • I found my experience with Mr. Hill very pleasant his store is charming inside and out in a nice part of town.

      - Arleather Berry

    • I was greater warmly over the phone and in person. Mr. Hill promptly responded to my text and any of my questions before I arrived saving me time and gas. :)

      - Lisa

    • It was a real pleasure doing business with these guys. I was happily surprised by the cash I got for my old, broken jewelry.

      - Mary Schmidt Diller